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Neuro-Visual Processing (Optometric) Rehabilitation and Visual/Postural Dysfunction Following a Neurological Event

Presented by William V. Padula, OD, FNAP, FAAO, FNORA and Raquel Munitz, MS, COVT

An advanced approach in therapeutic intervention demonstrated by Dr. William Padula and Raquel Munitz, called Neuro-Visual Processing Therapy (NVPT). Research is used to emphasize the evidence based level of understanding. This course will explore the relationship of the visual-spatial process and its primary role in rehabilitation following a neurological event. The course is a practical demonstration designed to advance the optometrist and therapist through videos, case studies, and workshop demonstrations in therapy techniques and use of rehabilitative lenses/prisms (as prescribed). COPE Approved.

Required Reading: Neuro-Visual Processing Rehabilitation: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Course Design: These online courses are a workshop format. Three course programs will be given that are successive and that will build on the skills and understanding of the participants. It is not necessary to sign up for the full program in order to take the initial level. However, in order to complete the course, Course 1 through Course 3 must be completed in succession.


The workshop on Neuro-Visual Processing Rehabilitation is COPE approved.


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