NeurOpTrek™ Winner of the 2020 ACRM Launchpad Competition

Industry experts, clinicians, researchers, engineers, and influencers agree:

NeurOpTrek™ is rated is 2020’s most innovative rehabilitation technology transforming
lives for people with disabilities at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine’s 97th annual conference.

Are you dedicated to fall prevention?

Every year, a third of all elders will have a fall. Although half won’t tell their physician, after that the first fall, they are twice as likely to fall again.

Older Americans falling, according to the CDC, is estimated to cost more than $50 billion each year.

We now have the instrument to stop the cycle … to readily prevent falls — and quality of lives.

What is NeurOpTrek™?
The first-of-its-kind NeurOpTrek™ instrument evaluates balance and posture irregularities, equipping medical technicians — within minutes — with objective tools and validated therapies to reduce patients’ risk of falls.

How does NeurOpTrek™ work?
Pressure sensitive devices embedded into a mat record:

  • Center-of-Mass
  • Center-of-Pressure
  • Vector Forces

Then, cutting-edge software determines the amount of yoked prisms needed to rebalance the bi-modal visual process affecting preconscious organization of the visual midline in relation to the sensorimotor system.

Statistical significance?
Dr. Padula’s peer-reviewed research published in the journal NeuroRehabilitation has proven that visual midline shifts reinforce postural imbalance, manifesting in spasticity in muscles, dizziness, and vertigo.

To learn more about how you can use NeurOpTrek™ in your clinical practice — or advance its application by clinicians — message Dr. Padula using the convenient form above.

NeurOpTrekTM is patented by William Padula, OD and William Padula, PhD. US Patent No. 8262590.

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