Once you decide that you would like to consider the use of contact lenses, it can become confusing to decide what type is contact lens is best. The Padula Institute of Vision was developed to provide for specialty vision needs. We fit a wide range of contact lens types such as disposable and daily wear lenses with or without tints.

Some persons will require specialty contact lenses for certain vision problems. For example, Toric contact lenses may be needed for astigmatism. In addition, there may be the option of custom designed contact lenses for those who are very light sensitive or who have a damaged iris or birth deformity causing them to have blurred vision with conventional glasses of contact lenses.

If you have interest in or need of contact lenses, a thorough examination will assist in providing the option(s) that will best meet your needs.

Types of Contact Lens Options

  • Disposable Contact Lenses
  • Bifocal Contact Lenses
  • Toric Contact Lenses for astigmatism
  • Orthokerotology Lenses for reduction of myopia (“nearsightedness”) through contact lens therapy
  • Specialty Lenses for certain eye problems, i.e. keratoconus

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